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Compiled by Andy Osburn and Debbie Rogenmoser

STEP 1. Create a Library PIN.
Before connecting to any CSUS Library Database you must create a Library PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your Library PIN is a number of your choosing. No one in the Library has access to your PIN, so make it something you can easily remember.
  1. Click here to create a PIN. Complete the information. Your PIN must be numbers only.
  2. Click on Display record for person named above.
  3. The system will ask you to re-enter your PIN to confirm.
If you have problems creating a PIN or cannot remember your PIN you must come into the library, with identification, to the Circulation Desk on the first floor to reset the PIN. Once it is reset a new PIN can be created.
STEP 2. Select a CSUS Library databases from the Database and Periodical Indexes page.
  1. Enter you SSN# and PIN at the prompt.
  1. Currently, there are some problems with the AOL and Compuserv browsers. To solve the problem, use Microsoft Explorer or Netscape as your browser.

    Connect to the INTERNET as usual via AOL or Compuserv and once connected open either Microsoft Explorer or Netscape. From there connect to the Library Home Page at /. Continue with steps 1 and 2 above.

  2. Still having problems? Request help for connecting to databases here from Library Systems Support Services.
To connect to the Library databases using SACLINK you must set up your account for home use. Those instructions are available from University Computing and Communication Services here. Contact UCCS at (916) 278-7337 if you have problems with your SACLINK account.

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